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Flipping the usually burdensome RFP process on its head helped CAFF build a process for the long-haul.

The idea seemed simple enough: the wanted to build a software tool that could help schools in California purchase more nutritious, locally farmer-grown food.

Historically, undertaking procurement…

By: & Diana Wang

After a year of anticipation, we were witness to a highly complex and decentralized COVID-19 vaccination launch that left many frustrated but, eventually, vaccinated. Driven by a large-scale community effort, 162 million residents have secured vaccine appointments and became .

As the Delta variant drives…

Alyssa Levitz, a recent Technologist in Residence at U.S. Digital Response

As Alyssa Levitz leaves her Technologist in Residence position at U.S. Digital Response, she reflects upon what drove her to volunteer in the first place — and where the journey took her.

As the United States was being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was isolating at home with my…

Leonardo Rocchiccioli has offered his community management skills as a volunteer at USDR since August 2020. Here’s what he has to say about seeing beauty in “dark times.”

From when Leonardo Rocchiccioli first signed up as a handraiser in August 2020, USDR knew he would become an important part of our community. Over a year later, we say “it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later” to our long-time community manager — and hear from him on why he…

During a much-needed break from working with big consumer brands like Tide and Skittles, Lauren answered a call to use her marketing skills with U.S. Digital Response and help spotlight stories on the Economic Stability Team.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you found your way…

Adopting a simple case management system helped one state labor department decrease workloads for case workers and accelerate processing for claimants

By: Micah Mutrux
Contributions By: Jessie Posilkin and Marcie Chin

Despite millions of Americans depending on unemployment insurance (UI) to help them stay afloat, we’ve seen states’ UI application…

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